Finding your voice

During rehearsals you’ll work with other members of your voice part. Your voice type, generally speaking, is determined by how high or low you can sing.

Female singers performing in a choir

Higher voice types

The higher voice parts are normally performed by female members although some men might have the vocal range to perform these parts.


Sopranos sing the highest notes, they normally perform the melody or tune of the songs we perform.


Altos sing in a lower range than sopranos, altos often sing in harmony with the sopranos and hold the melody in some songs.

Male singers performing in a choir

Lower voice types

The lower voice parts are normally performed by male members although some women might have the vocal range to perform these parts.


Tenors are normally considered the highest male singers. Some men, known as countertenors can sing even higher.


The most common male vocal type, the baritone range sits between tenor and bass with some overlap each way. In most arrangements (made for soprano, alto, tenor and bass choirs, known as SATB arrangements) the baritones sing with the basses.


The basses perform the lowest notes in the choir, the basses often provide the 'pedal' for choral harmonies, rarely singing melodies but are vital in making choral harmonies sound rich and exciting.

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